Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Schedule Dec. 14-Dec 17, 2010

I just hung up with Coach Neil Elman of Yeshiva University. He will run the KYHS practice this Wed. (Dec. 15) and asks that the boys assemble at 5:30 pm and start running. Don't waste time. He hopes to arrive by 6 pm.

Coach Elman will also run the match this Thursday at Kushner. Please be there by 5:45.

Tomorrow we will know more about the bus for this Sunday's tournament in Bayonne .

Coach Elman will run next Monday's practice, Dec. 20. Wrestlers are asked to be on time.

Note: Neil Elman is a pioneer of yeshiva wrestling. Parents should know that he is helping us out of the goodness of his heart and his dedication to the sport. We owe him an enormous debt for this.

If you know more, please share: cliffmeth@aol.com

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